Things to Know More about Soft Water

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A water softener is designed to remove excess amounts of trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and other ions that exist in hard water. Hard water can cause a number of side effects such as lime scale, damaged plumbing and even corrosion to anything it touches. Most residential water softeners use an ion-exchange resin that is used to exchange the ions of calcium and magnesium for sodium ions. Water softeners can be used to soften water, however, hard water does have a number of good things about it as well. You can actually get more calcium and magnesium in your diet by drinking hard water, which is extremely important. Hard water also reduces the amount of toxic metal ions in water such as copper and lead. Water Softener. Learn more ? visit Knoxville Water Softener Systems.

Resin exchange softeners work by passing the water that needs to be softened over a layer of resin. The negatively charged resin then binds to and absorbs all metal ions which are positively charged. The resin contains charged ions from the salt that’s added to this type of water softener. The water then replaces the ions on the resin with calcium and magnesium ions in exchange for the sodium ions through a chemical reaction. Only enough sodium is released in the water to exchange for any calcium or magnesium ions, so the amount of salt you use depends on how hard your water is.

Other resins are available that can remove other things such as carbonate and sulphate ions which can be captured using hydroxyl ions that are stored in the resin. Typically, both types of resin will be used in most water softeners to eliminate as many impurities as possible. Water softeners can be either ion exchange using salt or reverse osmosis using pressure and membranes. So soft water means you don’t need Calgon.  Electronic water conditions are cheaper than conventional water softeners. Often called de-scalers they not only remove but prevent limescale. Soft water on the brain.